Critical Thinking Vocabulary 1-10


May 25, 2017 by budooralali

  1. critical thinking: I had read many books before, but never any critical thinking books.
  2. intelligence: One of the skills that I have is using my intelligence to solve problems.
  3. reasoning: I always have to use reasoning to decide which program to apply for.
  4. logic: In cases in religion and state, lawyers should use logical reasons.
  5. belief: People always belief in things which are not true.
  6. knowledge: My strongest knowledge is Engineering because I practiced, read and applied it.
  7. evidence: In the court you need evidence to convict the plaintiff.
  8. argument: I should always prepare a strong argument to convince my family to get something.
  9. reason: One reason I belief in a smile because it makes people feel good or gives them a good vibes.
  10. conclusion: The panel didn’t reach to conclusion yet.

One thought on “Critical Thinking Vocabulary 1-10

  1. placebasedweb says:

    Note: the phrase is ‘to reach a conclusion’ . You have understood this vocabulary – now you must ensure you keep it in mind as it will be tested in the final assessment.

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