Reflection 1: Is studying critical thinking useful?

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May 30, 2017 by budooralali

Is Critical Thinking Important?

According to what I have read and solving problems the past 6 days, I’m able now to answer that Critical Thinking is important. Critical Thinking teaches a lot of skills that can be applied to many and any situation in our life like the ability to analyzing, have reasons and evidence to support our arguments and to think and look beyond the facts.

It is important because we can gain a lot of benefits such as being better in listening to others and accept other points of view. Helps us to think clearly and that improves how we deliver our ideas. Also, improve our understanding and let us give creative solutions for problems. We can know how to differentiate between a fact and opinion, how to study an issue, how to give reasonable conclusions and how to prohibit personal judgment and think rationalistic.

It let us become calmer and know when the right time to participate is. With critical thinking skills, we can know that everything we hear is not true, regardless of the source. Also, we look at all the options we have before we discuss.

Critical Thinking helps us to make better and more effective decisions based on what evidence we have. At the end, it is a life style where we can build a successful and great problem-solving skills and all these skills will prove and improve our behavior in the workplace and other places.





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