Task 5

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May 30, 2017 by budooralali

1. He has very strong opinions and he never changes them.
2. She listens carefully to what other people say.
3. She gets very emotional if you try to discuss something with her.
4. He believes everything he sees on TV or reads in newspapers.
5. He tries to find more information by himself before he forms his opinions.
6. She always agrees with the rest of the class.
7. She looks at both sides of the argument.
8. He thinks about thinking.
9. She always knows she’s right.
10. He knows that cloning is wrong because his elder brother said it is.
11. He analyzes what people say from a logical point of view.
12. She doesn’t want to hear what anyone from China has to say about anything.
13. She always tries to justify her opinions in discussions.
14. He is curious and asks good questions.
15. She is interested in where her ideas, opinions, and beliefs come from.


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