Vocabulary 3: Concepts in context’

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May 31, 2017 by budooralali

  1. Opinion :               When I discuss with my friends, I always try to accept their opinion.
  2. Assumption:     Make sure to have the right assumption before you start.
  3. Contradiction: The contradiction confused me.
  4. Relevant: In the class I try to focus on things that are relevant to the course.
  5. Counter-argument: Counter arguments can make your argument stronger.
  6. Justification:                 His justification for his belief was supported with reasons and evidences.
  7. Observation:                 Observation is important for science.
  8. Analysis:                 Analysis helps to get the idea in a bigger picture.
  9. Peer pressure:                 Critical thinkers do not give into peer pressure.
  10. Socio-centricity: My group is not always better than others. / I don’t like this socio centricity.

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