Reflection 2

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June 7, 2017 by budooralali

To be a critical thinker we have to be able to think clearly and accept others opinion. There are three important characteristics, in my opinion, it shows how a person is a critical thinker, independent thinking, Fair-minded thinking and Intellectual humility.

When it comes to independent thinking, I’m confident to say that I am very independent and most of the time I trust in myself and in my judgments. For example, I always try spending my expenses well and try not to spend it all at once, because I have seen my friends they spend the money without thinking or planning.

Fair-minded thinking is when I accept others point of view and try to take my selfish interests and feelings away. I have been in these situations few times, like when I discuss a topic with a group of friends and everyone has their own point and we get excited and shout a bit to say our point and that each one of us is right but at the end sometimes we do accept each other opinion and we know everyone has his/her point of view.

I have been into many education programs and studied in the college for 5 years and each experience was different and learned things that I couldn’t get in the others. Here where I rely upon that how many I apply for programs and study I still have a lot to learn and there is a lot of things I should know about! I’m very aware that I’m an intellectual humility and I admit that I still don’t know everything and I are very willing to keep learning.


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